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We’re in this together

We all know that in order to be and give the best of ourselves, we need to value ourselves, to consider our role in society, make time to relax, and catch up with ourselves.

​I offer creative arts experiences to all ages and abilities. These engage mind, body, senses, and emotions.

With the study of psychology, stress therapy, mindfulness, coaching, and the therapeutic benefits that the arts and the study thereof, brings, 
I am very aware of the role and mission each of us has.

Relationships are everything

 the U in Unique
is the most important person in the equation.

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AS Performer, 
I enjoy playing in various venues, and have provided entertainment to celebrities, corporate gigs, and a variety of different functions.

Ensemble work is a particular favourite of mine, as is playing for ballet examinations and rehearsals.

It's about people