Marlene Watkins    ≈     Dream it  See it  Achieve it
We’re in this together

​I offer creative arts experiences to all ages and abilities. These engage mind, body, senses, and emotions.
Teaching music is my passion, and I absolutely LOVE developing and seeing my students -  of all ages - grow and succeed.

With a combination of stress therapy, mindfulness, coaching,
neuroplasticity, and the inspiration workshops,
you will learn how special U are and how to take care of yourself.

My books & CDs aim to remind you of 

and the most important person is     
the  U in Unique

Marlene Watkins - Message By Music ® The Universe, ,

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AS Performer, 
I enjoy playing in various venues, and have provided entertainment to celebrities, corporate gigs, and a variety of different functions.

Ensemble work is a particular favourite of mine, as is playing for ballet examinations and rehearsals.

It's about people