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Message By Music grew as a recording studio, which has produced many CDs and songs, some of which have been exported to other countries including the USA.

The company continues to turn out CDs, mostly for dance,  although the latest project is music for relaxation and meditation.
​Marlene Watkins holds has a Masters degree in Performance, a Bachelors degree in Musicology (which is a study of the science of music), two teacher’s diplomas and has many years of experience as soloist, ensemble player and accompanist.
Marlene has taught piano, voice, guitar, recorder for more than 40 years. She has also written two books on technique, theory and dance, as well as an inspirational book.
She has written a number of  advertising jingles and composed music for brass band, choirs and various instruments. 
Committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams
Introducing Bonnie,  Advisor & assistant to the story teller
 We all want THE BEST for our children as well as ourselves. An awareness of how eager our little people are to learn and the importance of guidance and kindness are so important.

Marlene writes children's books which gently promote values, motives and compassion  through the main characters - hence we have Bonnie and Sunshine to advise and to assist in the Woofey, Hound dog series.

The B A STAR collection focuses more on the older child into teen years. This is a guide and inspirational book to build children's self-image and counteract bullying.
Sunshine has recently been added to the team and is the hero of the book Woofey, the hound dog. This is available from Amazon Kindle.
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